Asparagus & Risotto Cake

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Mini Grilled Cheese  

With Duck Confit and Brie

Petite Shepherd's Pie Tartlets

California & Cucumber Roll

Cheese & Raspberry Star

Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

Mini Vegetarian Burgers

Chicken Wellington

Coconut Shrimp

Crispy Lobster Tart

Dim Sum

Mini Grilled Turkey Reuben

Goat Cheese Canape

Grilled Sausage Medley

Guacamole Dip & Chips

Ham & Brie Biscuit

Lime Cilantro Shrimp

Maryland Crab Cake

Mini Cheeseburger Sliders

Mini Monte Cristo

Mini Short Rib, Apple Sauce & Cheddar Slider

Mini Beef Wellingtons

Tuna Tartare

Mini Quiche Tarts

Pork, Beef Or Cheese Crustini

Potato Pancake
With Caviar

Saffron Shrimp Risotto Cake

Saffron Shrimp Risotto Cake

Salmon Canapes On Dill Waffle

Seared Tuna Canape

Seared Duck Canape

Shrimp Tempura


Spring Roll

Stuffed Artichoke Heart

Swedish Meatballs

Sweet Potato Pancake

Tort Rustica

Whole Shrimp Canape

Wrapped Asparagus In Filo

Yukon Gold Potato Croquette

Seared Scallop Slider